The heart speaks with such joy,

The smile glows and blocks out any afflictions,

The twinkle in her eye shall never die,

The warmth forever fills her with such indemnity,

A weight is lifted off her chest,

The clenching feeling released and relinquished

For the sorrow and misery is gone for the time being.

By Nicky


Do You

Have you thought of me over the past few years that have went by?

Have you missed our touch, our love, our laughs, our hugs. All if it combined.

Do you wish that we could go back in time and fix all of our mistakes?

Do you wish that we could go back in time and be something great?

Oh do you wish that?


Or would you leave everything that way it is, with us just starting to talk again?

Oh with us fallen for each other not being able to get one another out of each other heads.

By Nicky 

This is a song but it is not finished, I write things off what I feel or what happens in my life at the given time.

Little Stars

So bright up in the sky,
For though we wonder how long they will survive,
They burn so hot and so white that one day it may make us go blind.
For they are so beautiful,
Yet one that is so close could be crucial to human kind.

By Nicky

Leaving This World

By the time tomorrow comes the storm will be gone,

Leaving this world; to enter into another one,

By the time tomorrow comes she will have been reborn,

Knowing things that could scare one.

She left a life to find a new home,

A new perseverance in her eyes that may never come undone,

She’s a refuser of negativity, for only God she can see.

Although she may struggle and have a fight ahead,

She still gets on her hands and knees to pray to thee.

What an amen with he.

By Nicky

New Year

New day, new week, new month,

A new smile for a while,

A new laugh for each child,

A new beginning and fresh start,

A clean slate for all your mistakes,

For all is forgiven,

Its time to do right,

Give in to the lord for he says it’s alright,

Its time for new memories,

And smiles to fill the heart,

Even for new hard ships to burst in the air,

To put a ripple in your path that you can bare.

Have a Happy New Year!

By Nicky

The Swift Snow

Blowing down like rain,

Cold like melted ice,

Though it has many different size,

It’s soft as a quilt but stings like a bee,

It can bring life or a deep sleep,

Although the swift snow is gleaming.

By Nicky


We talk about beginnings,

We talk about a fresh start

But how often do we go through with what we say?

We make excuses,

But what excuse can change you?

What reason do you have to not start new?

To not feel new?

For don’t we all deserve to love and feel blissful?

We can only achieve if we succeed.

And we can only succeed if with try knowing our every deed.

By Nicky